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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Top 8 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Top 8 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

In women's life, pregnancy changes your body and life as well. During pregnancy, several things happen to a pregnant women's body, hair growth on the belly, belching, constipation, increase in vaginal discharge hemorrhoids etc. Mother's during pregnancy may struggle with some embarrassing pregnancy symptoms. Here are discussed the top 10 most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms below.

1. HAEMORRHOIDS SYMPTOMS: These symptoms are that blood vessel which is swollen in your anal and rectal region and this can make many pregnant women shudder. Haemorrhoid basically appears as the lumps or bumps all around the anal regions. Hemorrhoids occur in the third trimester of pregnancy and push during the stage of your labor that becomes the most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms. 

2. BREAKOUTS IN PREGNANCY: During pregnancy, acne is the common problem of many pregnant women that is caused due to the increased level of hormones in your body known as androgen. The level of hormones highly stimulates oil glands to produce more oil and they cause pregnancy breakouts. So, to minimize the breakouts in pregnancy adopt a cleansing regime twice daily and make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed and apply a gentle facial.

3. VOMITING IN PREGNANCY: Most common symptoms during pregnancy are vomiting, nausea, and morning sickness where morning sickness lasts throughout the pregnancy period. Some of the common remedies to treat vomiting and nausea by including flat lemonade, chewing on dry crackers, taking ginger, and herbal tea.

4. INCONTINENCE SYMPTOMS: During pregnancy, incontinence may occur while you are laughing, running, and coughing. It is common in pregnancy and it results in the enlarging of uterus and baby pressing on the bladder which leads to involuntary loss of urine. To treat this problem, you may try strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with the moderate exercises, take a quick washroom trip to avoid your bladder getting too full, and wear a liner penalty if possible.

5. LEAKING OF BREASTS: During pregnancy, your body prepares for the birth you will observe that your breasts start leaking. While the hormones prolactin acts to prepare the body for breastfeeding and starts increasing your prolactin level. If this could happen at home that's fine but it becomes embarrassing during pregnancy while it starts in public areas. To stop the leaking from your nipples than using some nursing pads and line your bras with it so it will help to soak up the wetness throughout the day.

6. EXCESS GAS: The way of your baby grows in the uterus the space in your belly gets fuller and becomes tighter. It acts as bowels which become more congested and your digestion becomes irregular and it may lead to excess gas. To get relief from gas problems during pregnancy then take regular meals throughout the day to make ease of digestion, do some exercise that can help to move the foods you had taken that can makes ease the digestion.

7. FACIAL HAIRS: Generally, the facial hairs occurs by the hormones which are responsible for the growing in private and unwanted place. It is normal to have facial hairs during your pregnancy, there are mainly two hormones which are responsible for the excess hairs and they are Androgen and Estrogen.

8. SWELLING PROBLEMS: During pregnancy, swelling is caused by the blood and the fluids. This could usually occur in your hands, legs, face, feet, and ankles. The retention of extra fluids needed to meet your soften body that can enable to expand it during your pregnancy. It helps in the preparation of the pelvic joints and tissues to open in the birth time. To get rid of swelling you have to take extra rest, avoid standing too long, drink enough water, try to wear supporting stockings and do moderate exercise regularly.

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