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Saturday, 8 April 2017

10 Best Healthy Foods Plan During Pregnancy

10 Best Healthy Foods Plan During Pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy, your body needs some additional amounts of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. A good healthy nutrients diet may improve your and baby's development, while poor eating habits and excess fasting can increase the risk of gestational diabetes and birth complications, choose always healthy nutritious food to ensure the health of you and your's baby. So, a healthy diet maintaining during pregnancy period is very important. Here we had listed the best 10 highly nutritious foods to
eat during your pregnancy period.

1. LEGUMES: The legume foods are the powerhouses of nutrients, it includes peas, beans, peanuts, lentils, soybeans etc and they also are the essential source of potassium, iron, magnesium, folate, and fatty acids. Generally, legumes contain phytochemical compounds which have the ability to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and it also provides fiber, that has been linked with the lower levels of cholesterol and it can prevent your constipation problems during the pregnancy period. Having legumes during pregnancy can increase the risk of neural tube defects and low birth weight, but keep in mind that less intaking of legumes can cause the child to be prone to infections and disease in life later. Legume foods have its own health benefits, so you are suggested to take legumes on a daily basis during pregnancy.

2. SALMON: Salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is essential during pregnancy period. Mostly salmon increases omega-3 fatty acid quantity level in the mother and the child and usually improves the antioxidant defenses. Having salmon during pregnancy is proved very beneficial for the both mother and the baby, salmon do not alter the oxidant stress levels and vascular homeostasis but it improves the antioxidant stress during pregnancy. Consuming of salmon benefits the brain development of the child and reduces the risk of having symptoms of autism.

3. EGGS: Eggs are the powerhouse of nutrients which makes them a super and healthy food. Eggs have an essential protein, fats, minerals, and it also rich in vitamin A, B, D complex, zinc, selenium which is essential for the health of the mother and the child during pregnancy. Keep in mind that you should never intake raw or half-boiled eggs in your pregnancy plan, it increases the risk of infection like salmonella. Salmonella infection leads to uterine contractions, dehydration, vomiting, premature labor, so you are suggested consuming hard boiled or well-cooked eggs.

4. LEAN MEAT: Lean meat highly rich in protein which our body needs to build organs, body fluids, and muscles which help to build the blocks of the body. Lean meat is essential during pregnancy period, and it is also the good source of vitamin B complex and
iron which promotes your healthy red blood production and helps to prevent anemia in the women during their pregnancy. Lean meats are loaded up with the vitamin C which ensures to absorb iron from the meat finely.

5. BERRIES: Berries are full of nutrients which are required in the pregnancy diet, but you should have to avoid excess consuming of
berries because a large amount of consumption has not been proved during pregnancy. Berries rich in folic acids, fibers, antioxidants, and vitamin B and C, antioxidants, plants compounds and has a low glycemic index value which can help to increase the nutrient and water intake in the pregnant women.

6. SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potatoes contain fiber, vitamin A, C, iron, potassium, vitamin B-6, and carotene, they all are essential for the growth of the cells and tissues and important for the healthy development. Sweet potatoes are the great source of beta carotene
and fibers which increase the fullness, promotes health and mobility, and reduces blood sugar spikes and also increases the growth and differentiate the cells in the growing fetus.

7. DAIRY PRODUCTS: You need to have extra protein and calcium to fulfill the needs of growing fetus during pregnancy, dairy products are the great dietary source which provides a high amount of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and has plenty of benefits for the pregnant women. Dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and cottage cheese etc.

8. WATER: Staying hydrated with drinking water can prevent many complications like headaches, cramps, edema, dizziness, nausea. Water keeps everybody healthy whether you are pregnant or not, the body and the organs need water to function properly and it is essential for the healthy blood cells and also works wonder for breastmilk. Regularly drinking water helps to reduce the symptoms of the morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, and acidity as well. Water helps to prevent urinary infections and constipation, hemorrhoids, and water retention. So, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

9. DRIED FRUITS: Dried fruits provides energy and all the important nutrients to you and your's unborn baby and helps to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy such as high blood pressure, heartburn, and headaches. Dried fruits provide fiber, protein, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and vitamins, and having dried fruits and nuts also reduces the risk of high blood pressure during the last week of pregnancy.

10. FISH LIVER OILS:  Fish liver oils helps in reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease and also reduces the symptoms of hypertension, depression, hyperactivity disorders, joint pain, skin ailments, and arthritis. In taking of fish oil aids the body in the weight loss, pregnancy, fertility, and increased energy. Generally, fish oils are made from the fish's oily liver which rich in omega-3 fatty acids and highly contains vitamin D, which has been linked up with the increase of risk of the preeclampsia. Having fish liver oil during pregnancy is associated with the higher birth weight and the lower the risk of diseases later in child's life.

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