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Friday, 10 March 2017

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Diabetes Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Diabetes Naturally

7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Diabetes: - Diabetes is a chronic disease which occurs when the pancreas is not able to make insulin. Insulin is basically a hormone that is made by the pancreas, which acts like the key to let glucose from the food you eat passes through the bloodstream into the cells in the body to produce energy. Diabetes occurs when a person has the high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood and happens because the pancreas can't make enough insulin. Whereas glucose is an important source of energy for your brain and source of energy for the body also. Glucose comes from the liver, where it has been stored earlier. If diabetes can be left untreated it may damage your body and it might increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and much more. But we had listed some of the best ways to control diabetes naturally: -


how to control diabetes naturally at home - Exercise is an essential key to controlling the blood sugar naturally. Regular exercise help to increase insulin sensitivity and for weight loss also. Increasing insulin sensitivity means the cells are able to use the available sugar in the bloodstream. If have diabetes you should check your sugar levels routinely and regularly, it can help you to maintain your sugar level naturally.

BENEFITS: - Regular exercise can help you to stay fit, cholesterol free, weight loss, and increases your insulin sensitivity. Exercise regularly can help to increase insulin sensitivity and your muscles pick up sugars from the blood. This can lead to reducing blood sugar levels naturally.

NOTE: - [ Consult a doctor and go for a regular check-up of your sugar levels].


Control diabetes naturally at home - Fiber is a high diet content that can help to manage diabetes by improving the blood sugar control and reduces blood sugar levels. Fibers slowly carbs your digestion and sugar absorption that are why is promotes the more gradual rise in your blood sugar levels. Generally, there are two kinds of fiber that are soluble and insoluble. Both are equally important, the soluble fibers have been shown to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

BENEFITS: - Eating lots of fiber can help with blood sugar control and soluble dietary fibers are the most effective fibers. If you have diabetes problems then you are suggested to intake fibers about 26 grams for women's and 39 grams for men daily.

NOTE: - [ Fiber foods you may include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes].

3. INTAKE FOODS CONTAINS LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: - Basically, glycemic index was developed to access your body's blood sugar response to foods that contains carbs. Low-glycemic-index foods have been shown to reduce the long-term blood sugar levels in diabetes. The low glycemic index diets are those which incorporate foods which were slowly converted into energy by the body. Glycemic index foods raise the blood sugar and help in managing your diet to control the blood sugar level naturally.

BENEFITS: - The glycemic index foods are most effective for the peoples with diabetes. It's more important to eat foods with low glycemic index content. The low glycemic index can be a suitable option for the people having diabetes as because it helps blood glucose levels more stable than diets based around the high glycemic index foods.

NOTE: - [ Low glycemic index foods includes whole grains, milk, beans, green leafy vegetables etc].

4. DRINK MORE WATER: - Drinking enough water can help you to stay hydrated and keeps your blood sugar level in healthy limits. It prevents you from dehydration and helps your kidneys to flush out the excess blood sugar through urine. Regular drinking water helps you to re-hydrate the blood and naturally lower your sugar level which helps to reduce the risk of diabetes.

BENEFITS: - Stay hydrated by drinking enough water, drinking lots of water can reduce the blood sugar level and prevents diabetes or blood sugar levels. Drink more water, it is the best way to reduce the risk of diabetes.

NOTE: - [ Keep in mind that sugar-sweetened drinks always raises blood glucose which enhances weight gain and causes diabetes].


Get rid of Diabetes at Home - Staying in extra stress is one of the reasons for diabetes problems. However, stress can affect your blood sugar levels to go up and make it harder to control. Diabetes is one of the chronic disease and a serious illness also. Insulins are the hormones that unlock the door to your cells when your blood glucose level rise after a meal the beta cells of the pancreas spring into an action and pouring insulin into the blood.

BENEFITS: - Generally, stress can affect diabetes harshly. Diabetes occurs by work pressure, parenting/children, financial insecurity, health problems, imbalance diet, intaking of enough sweet content etc. Stress and frustration caused by the long term problems with blood glucose regulation. By doing exercises and yoga such as mindfulness-based stress reduction problems in chronic diabetes.

NOTE: - [ Exercising, workouts, relaxations, meditation, and yoga will help you to control your blood sugar level or diabetes].   

6. REGULAR CHECK BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: - Regular check-ups, measuring and monitoring will also help you to control diabetes. Diabetes can not be cured but it could be managed time-to-time. Where regular check-up is crucial to naturally control your diabetes. You may also check our another topic on "how to improve the condition of eyesight naturally"

BENEFITS: - Regular check up and testing are needed for the peoples having diabetes problems, a doctor visit can turn up problems in early stages and can be treated timely to get well. If diabetes will leave untreated, blood sugar or blood glucose becomes too high to maintain. Hence diabetes is a disease which requires regular maintenance and care.

NOTE: - [ Go for regular check-ups and maintain your blood sugar levels]. 

7. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: - Poor sleeping habits and lack of rest affects your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar level. Sleeping deprivation increases cortisol levels and decreases the release of the growth of hormones in your body. However, good sleep is good for both the quantity and quality.

BENEFITS: - Good sleep helps to maintain your blood sugar control and it also promotes a healthy weight whereas, poor sleep will disrupt essential metabolic hormones.

NOTE: - [ Try to get enough and good sleep every night otherwise you will poorly disrupt your metabolic hormones].

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