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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Our skin types and treatments

Our Skin types and Treatments:

Nowadays we only run after money and forget our first priority (i.e) Health. So today we will discuss here what are the types of skin a human being may have and what are the treatments we should take on skin diseases. So let's see below


1) Texture Of The Skin: - The epidermis is the outer layer, serving as the physical and chemical barrier between the interior body and exterior environment; the dermis is the deeper layer providing the structural support of the skin.

2) Layers of Skin:-
  1. Epidermis: - This is the outer protection layer and an outer layer of the skin.It is also called as Scarf Skin.Epidermis does not have the blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Dermis: - It is mainly the middle layer of the skin and known as True Skin and the connective tissue is the vascular layer. It has an extraordinary amount of blood vessels and nerve roots.
  3. Veins Of skin: - There are three types of veins skin
  • Sepsary Veins: - It shows the pressure of Hot, Cold and Pain 
  • Secretary Veins: - This vein acts in perspiration.
  • Veins: - This is related to the blood vessels and scalp.
3) Gland Of Skin: - They are two types -
  • Sebaceous Gland: - These are called as Oil Glands.The oil that has flowed sebum which has smooth skin.
  • Scudero Ferous Gland: - It is A sweat gland.The sweat water, salt, urea etc take over from our body comes out of the skin.

4) Functions Of The Skin:- 
  1. Protection: - It prevents the body (skin) from sun, heat, cold, injury, pests, bacteria etc.
  2. Conductor: - It makes our temperature control correctly. It works for the heating controller.
  3. Nutrition: - It is the skin body's nutritional functions. For this reason, our body also increase wound soon. Whatever we put on top of the pack or skin cream, it goes inside the body through the skin layers
  4. Exertion: - Skin clean up our bodies such as sweating water, salt, uric acid also acts for respiration and it cherishes our body keeps skin moisture. Skin also rapidly oxygen is strictly Dragging.

5) Kinds Of Skin:-

  • Normal Skin: - May such skins are without wrinkles, pimples, black spots etc.These skins were soft, pink colored and bright skins. It's PH Factors are 5,6,7.
  1. Daily use cleansing lotion to the face scrub.
  2. Maybe weekly or 15 later do facial
  • Dry Skin: - These types of skin has not the same PH Factor. The oil gland does not work. In this skin, there is a fear of falling wrinkles soon. It's PH Factors are 2,3,4.
  1. Once a week or according to your convenience massage your skin with nourishing cream.
  2. Sure to use a vibratory massage.
  3. Not to use any soap.
  4. Massage cream around the eye.
iii) Oily Skin: - Volume of oil in the skin, thus being more active is always visible oily.These skin have spots and wrinkles on faces. It's PH Factors are 7,8,9.

TREATMENT: - May those skin has acne then do 6th stage facial if the skin does not have acne then do 9th stage but do at least massage on face twice
in a day.
  iv) Mixed Skin type: - These are two types: -

a) T-Zone: - Forehead, upper lips, nose are oily in T-Zone. It's PH Factors are 7,8,9.

TREATMENT: - Massage significantly lighter in T-Zone oily place.

b) C-Zone: - In C-Zone the cheeks, eyes, face skin is dry. It's PH Factors are 2,3,4.

TREATMENT: - But in a C-Zone location it may have to massage it well.

6) Other Kinds Of Skin:-

  i) Stained Skin: - It has brown moles, wrinkles and black spots on the skin. Lack of Iron and blood deficiency in the body causes stains in the skin.By heavy makeup or more bleaching and in the time of pregnancy stains to come.

   a) Regularly do facial once in 15 days later.
   b) Hide stains by makeup.
   c) Everyday use Homemade face pack according to your skin type.
   d) Must take b-Complex by doctors prescription

  ii) Blues Skin: - This skin appears downcast, dejected and pale. Due to lack of vitamin B and C is gone too pale. It will happen due to Anxiety, Mental imbalance, by the constant bleach, moisture deficiency, and by use of more medicines.

   a)Do facial once a week.
   b)Apply face pack gently on face.
   c)Eat balanced meals every day.

  iii) Delicate Skin: - This type of skins were very delicate. Sunlight, wind, cold, heat etc may cause rashes in a face.

   a)To make use of Skin Tonic.
   b)Drink lemon water daily.
   c)Choose skin care products carefully according to your skin type.
   d)Moisturize with Skin Cleanser.

   iv) Patches Skin: - This type of skins consists of wrinkles and spots.

   a)Do facial regularly.
   b) Take Thermoherb Therapy from a salon.

   v) Aged Skin: - Before the age of the skin is caused by the same time the appearance of age. This types of skins were thicker in extraordinary amount because of this flexibility is not at all.It appears depressed cheeks, landed face, black lips, wrinkles.

   a) Moisturize your face with cream every day and do nourish massage once in a week.
   b) Drink more mineral water.
   c) Apply daily home made face packs.

   vi) Dehydrated Skin: - This types of skins has no moisture.Dull and lifeless skin is completely visible.

   a) Regularly drink purified water.
   b) Apply moisturizer daily.
   c) Do regular facial.
   d) Take more liquid diets.

[B] What harms the skin:-

  1. Carrying germs in a stomach.
  2. Vitamin and Calcium deficiency.
  3. The ceasing of menstruation (Menopause).
  4. By having heart, diabetes, thyroid disease.
  5. By taking too much chili spicy food.
  6. By taking birth-control pills.
  7. Staying in an extraordinary amount of anxiety or discomfort.
  8. The complete absence of sleep.
  9. Food shortage.
  10. By the problems of hormones.


  1. Drink 10 glasses of mineral water throughout the day.
  2. Taking fresh yogurt.
  3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Do regular yoga and exercise.
  5. Keep your composure control.
  6. Don't take alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.
  7. Never skip your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  8. Always use cool/lukewarm water to wash your skin.
  9. Reduce chemical based products and use homemade remedies for your health care.
  10. Apply moisturizer daily.

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