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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Skin Diseases And Treatments

Our Skin Diseases And Treatment

Here we will discuss some major skin problems and their treatments.Skin diseases are the complications that affect the body badly and grabs various diseases, commonly white heads are all around the eyes, on forehead or eyebrows, over the lips, on the nasal bone or may be on the shoulder. Some key facts about common skin disease are as below:-

 When the oil assembled on the skin then the white heads diseases causes.It is also known as milia. This type of hairs develops when excess sebum and dead skin cells become trapped in the pores in the skin.

i)By doing more bleach.
ii)Not using moisturizer.
iii)Wearing sunglasses or glasses.
iv)Due to injury plaster.
v)By taking oil seasoning foods.

i)Do 9th stage facial once in a week.
ii)Massage with nourishing cream (Shalife Plus).
iii)Massage all around the eye before going to sleep.
iv)Apply 2 to 4 times moisturizer per day.
v)Avoid sun lights
vi)Take Thermo herbal treatment.

2)BLACKHEADS :-  Black Heads happens by having a collection of sebum in the skin, When it exposed to air from the upper part of sebum gets oxidized and takes the forms of blackheads.

i)Hormonal changes in the body.
ii)When the body produces lots of oils.
iii)Excess sebum clumps together with dead skin cells in your body.
iv)By using heavy cosmetics.
v)Due to heavy sweating.

i)Clean your face thrice in a day.
ii)Take ozone and hot/cold steaming.
iii)Before removing blackheads you should always have to take a hot compress.
iv)Do not eat oily substance
v)Take balanced and healthy meals.
vi)Drink enough water.

 The most active of oil gland which produces sebum exists inside the pores of the skin due to bacterial infection in the skin causes pimples. Sometimes the dead skin cells left behind the skin and produce sticky sebum causes blockage in the pores called as pimples.

i)When the oil glands to be highly functional.
ii)Because of Abortion.
iii)At the time of pregnancy.
iv)Due to Menopause.
v)Lack of exercise.
vi)By staying constipation.
vii)More consumption of allopathic medicines.

i)Do 6th stage facial.
ii)Do normal massage in which it should significantly reduce the use of cream.
iii)Apply peel off mask and face mask.
iv)Don't tease your pimples by your nails
v)Do silicon therapy.

 Crow's feet are those fine lines that radiates from the corner of the eyes or edge of the lines like a crow's feet around the eyes called as crow's feet or strange wrinkles.

i)Seeing by shrinking eyes then it may occur.
ii)Due to thin skin.
iii)Staying in stress and depression.
iv)Stay awake late in the night.
v)By studying in low light.
vi)Lack of vitamin 'B' and 'D'.
vii)Falling of sunlight in the skin.

i)Massage with  ''Sharose'' Eye Cream of Shahnaz Husain around the eyes.
ii)Use "Shameed" Eye Pack after massaging of eyes.
iii)Pour Skin Tonic "Sharose" in the eyes.
iv)Always wear sunglasses when you go out.
v)Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits.
vi)Apply "Shanelle" moisturizer all around the eyes.

5)DARK CIRCLES (Black Round Circles):- 
  Dark circles around the eyes simply imply that the area covered by primary darken dead cells under and above the both eyes.

i)It causes due to the infections and allergies around the eyes.
ii)Lack of sleep.
iii)By applying heavy makeup and bleaching.
iv)By staring at the computer screens and mobile phones for hours.
v)It may also cause tiredness and weakness.

i)Regular do eye massage.
ii)Taking vitamin A and D capsules.
iii)Do regular eye massage.
iv)Using green tea bag therapy.
v)Massage around the eye with almond oil.

 Skin Texture depends on our skin oil glands.If oily gland works properly then the skin type will be normal and spot free.And if oily glands don't work properly it will turn into the oily/dry skin.This process is known as Skin Textures.

  It depends on the action of our body's blood circulation.If the blood circulation process works smoothly then our body's normal temperature will be 98.4 degrees F.If these do not work properly then they will suffer from Phlegm, Cough, Cold, Heat illness etc.

8)LENTIGO (Brown Mole):-
 Lentigo merely called as Brown mole. It is a condition marked by small brown patches or moles on the skin, basically in aged and elderly peoples. These are also called as the sunspot.

i)By doing more bleaching.
ii)By applying heavy makeup.
iii)Taking more steam.
iv)By staying in the sunlight.
v)By injuries and having a thin skin.

i)Do facial twice in a week.
ii)Take Thermo herb therapy by professionals.
iii)Always apply "Shabase" sunscreen before going outside.
iv)Go for testing and treatments conducted by the doctor.
v)Take Cryotherapy.

  Broken Capillaries is a problem in the tiny blood vessels which become visible near the surface of the skin and it turns into streaks.These are commonly called as spider veins as because of their tree branch or like spider-web shaped.

i)By Dieting.
ii)At the period of pregnancy.
iii)By wearing high heels.
iv)Suddenly giving ice water for landing fever.
v)Damage to the skin from sun exposure and excess dilation.

i)Massage gently, don't rub badly.
ii)Wash your skin with cold water, but never gives garners hot/cold water.

  Open pores are quite noticeable by the naked eyes.The size is common for both oily and combined skin as because of its excess sebum production from the glands into the skin.

i)More bleaching.
ii)Ceasing of menstruation.
iii)By abortion.
iv)By crash dieting.
v)An excess collection of sebum in the pores.

i)Vegetable Peeling.
ii)Peel off the mask.
iii)Toning with "Sharose".
iv)Silicon Therapy.
v)Apply Thermoherb Therapy.

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