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Thursday, 23 February 2017

How To Apply Makeup At Home

How To Apply Flawless Make-Up For a Party

How To Apply Make-Up At The Party: -
Do you want to look most beautiful at the party, then this is the right place to learn how to apply makeup to look flawless at the party.Each and everyone can look beautiful as you want at home only.Just follow the steps which are given below:-

1)CLEAN YOUR FACE: - Clean your face with cleansing milk helps to remove all unwanted oils, old makeup, and all dust particles and gives oil-free skin.

i)Wash your face with water.
ii)Apply cleansing milk.
iii)Massage it for 5 minutes.
iv)After that wash your skin.

BENEFITS: - Cleansing milk contains soft oils that remove old makeup and left skin impurities.The product cleanses the face nad removes dirt.

NOTE:- [Select product brand carefully which suits your skin types.]

2)USE TONER: - After cleansing using of toner makes skin smoother and reduces oils and dirt and helps to remove acne and pimples.

i)Dip the cotton balls into the toner.
ii)Apply it on your face very gently and keep it for dry

BENEFITS: - Toners are very beneficial and necessary for oily or acne prone skin for extra cleansing before wearing heavy makeup.

NOTE: - [Use a little amount of toner into your face daily.]

3)APPLY MOISTURIZER: - You should always moisturize your skin as because it contain light weight oils which are necessary for every skin types.A liquid based moisturizer can improves your skin and has many beauty benefits like- oil free skin, acne and pimples free and removes dirt and unwanted oils from the skin.

i)Select moisturizer according to your skin type.
ii)Take the required amount of moisturizer in your hand.
iii)Dab moisturizer on your face.
iv)Spread the moisturizer around the rest of your face.
iv)Keep it for a while to get dry before wearing makeup.

BENEFITS: - Applying moisturizer properly helps to boosts hydration into your skin, prevents dullness and dead cells.

NOTE:- [For oily skin select a lightweight moisturizer cream, for dry skin select a moisturizer which contains salicylic acid.]

4)APPLY PRIMER: - Primer is a liquid product that makes skin smooth and a base for foundation.It is a lotion applied before wearing makeup to improve the coverage of the skin and the away to ensure long lasting makeup.The Primer contains wax, silicone polymers etc.

i)Dab a cotton ball into the primer.
ii)Place it to on your cheeks, chin, and forehead.
iii)Spread the primer into your skin using your fingertips or by blusher.
iv)Leave it to get dry.

BENEFITS: - Primer provides a smooth surface for applying makeup and gives long lasting makeup.

NOTE:- [Make sure you use the good quality of primer which suits your skin tone.]

5)APPLY FOUNDATION: - Foundation whitens your skin tone and gives you a flawless glow.Foundation is basically a skin-coloured makeup used to match your skin color and makes your complexion fairer.

i)Choose right foundation color which matches your skin tone exactly.
ii)Place foundation on your skin with the help of blusher.
iii)Blend the foundation on your skin perfectly.

BENEFITS: - Foundation helps to cover up your skin to improve its appearance and hide all fine lines, wrinkles, and spots and makes your skin glow.

NOTE: - [ Always choose a foundation color which matches your skin tone.]

6)USE CONCEALER: -  Concealer used to cover up red spots, acnes, dark circles and fine lines of your skin. Concealer commonly used for erasing blemishes and all spots of your skin.

i)Dab some cotton balls in the concealer.
ii)Place it on your skin.
iii)Blend perfectly onto your skin.
iv)Leave it for a while before wearing any makeup.

BENEFITS: - A concealer is used to cover all imperfections of your skin. Concealer works to hide pimples large pores and dark spots of your skin.

NOTE: - [Always choose a concealer that exactly matches your foundation colour.]

7)APPLY TRANSLUCENT POWDER: - Translucent powder is the very lightweight powder which helps in the setting of foundation and soaks every excess oil off your skin.

i)Apply the translucent setting powder all over your skin with a large soft makeup brush.
ii)Properly blend the powder all over your face.

BENEFITS: - Translucent setting powder helps to lock the foundation and gives long lasting makeup.

NOTE: - [Always use a thin layer of powder to set your foundation and carefully select powder color which exactly matches your foundation and concealer.]

8)USE EYEBROW PENCIL: - Enhance your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil.Fill in your eyebrows which exactly matches your hair color and gives a well-defined shape according to your eyebrow shape by combing them with colored eyebrow gel.It helps to darken yoUr eyebrow color.

i)Fill in your eyebrow with color pencil.
ii)Use eyebrow brush and shaping gel.

BENEFITS: - Eyebrow shaping gives you a flawless and gorgeous look.

NOTE: - [Buy aN eyebrow pencil which closely matches your hair color.]

9)TOUCH-UPS: - Touch-ups makes improvements in your makeup.To enhance your makeup touchups quickly works to set your makeup whatever left earlier.

i)Use a blushing brush.
ii)Apply blush to your cheeks, nose, forehead.
iii)Use long and smooth cone motion to blend the blush towards apples of your cheeks and all over your face.

BENEFITS: - By doing touch-ups your foundation base completely sets on your skin.

NOTE: - [Use a lightweight powder that matches your skin color.]

10)APPLY EYESHADOW: - Eyeshadow is a product that is applied on your eyelids and below the eyebrows.

i)Apply a color to your eyelids and blend it onto your eyelids and below the eyebrows.
ii)Brush lightly and give a tone to the center of your eyelids.
iii)Select shades that match your eye color and skin tone or matches with your dress code.

BENEFITS: - Eyeshadows enhances your eyes anD makes you more beautiful.

NOTE: - [Buy a good quality of eyeshadows, it doesn't affect your skin.]

11)APPLY EYELINER: - Eyeliner takes your look more beautiful than earlier. Women's face will add to the impression of more beautiful if it is used properly.

i)Apply a small amount of eyeliner to both eyes to give a base.
ii)Draw a thin line of eyeliner along your eyelashes lines.

BENEFITS: - Wearing eyeliner can do wonders for your eyes, it helps to look more attractive.

NOTE: - [Buy an eyeliner with smudge free and waterproof qualities for long lasting.]

12)APPLY MASCARA: - Mascara holds your eyelashes way from your face.It brings a splash of color to your look.

i)Apply mascara carefully near the base of your eyelashes.
ii)Move the wand from side to side and press the wand bristles between your eyelashes.
iii)Apply eyelashes to coat their entire length.

NOTE: - [Stick a card behind your eyelashes to prevent smudging.]

13)APPLY LIP LINER AND LIPSTICK: - Lipstick has an SPF of 15 and protecting from sunburn. Lipstick can make your lips appear fuller and look more attractive.

i)Clean your lips with cleanser.
ii)Apply lip primer to make a base for lipstick, it moisturizes your lips and helps to stay longer.

BENEFITS: - Applying lipstick in this way will make it last longer.

NOTE: - [Be careful while purchasing a lipstick, it should be good quality product.]

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